Pink posh hair is 100% fine virgin hair. Our 100% virgin Brazilian hair is one of the most popular types of hair extensions on the market. Our virgin Brazilian hair is suitable for many hair types and great for all hairstyles. While holding its hairstyle flawlessly it returns to its natural wave when shampooed. Our 100% virgin Brazilian hair is unprocessed, has never been chemically treated, and is shed resistant. Our hair can also be colored, straightened, or curled to today's urban styles while maintaining its natural wave. Our hair last 6 months to a year with proper maintenance. All bundles are approximately 4 oz. On average 3 bundles are enough for a full sew in.




Many beauty supply shops sell human hair, what makes Pink Posh hair better? The majority of human hair sold in the industry is non-cuticle hair. The hair cuticle has been stripped by using an acid-bath and in many cases it has been commingled with animal hair, fabric and/or synthetic fibers. Non-remy hair is coated in silicone and after several washes, loses its luster and appeal. In addition, the hair may not have been aligned correctly, thus causing tangles, matting and shedding.


What type of hair is this? 

This hair is a 100% virgin remy human hair. It has no silicones, no synthetic/animal fibers and the hair is always in its natural state. We do not alter the patterns with any chemicals.


Where does the hair come from?

Our hair is properly imported from overseas and comes from 1 donor and is thoroughly hand inspected for the ultimate quality.


What color does the hair come in?

The hair comes in natural black brown it depends on the donor. No two bundles are alike.


How many bundles do I need to do a full head?

You will need 2 bundles to complete a full head. 3 bundles for extra fullness.


How long will this hair last? 

With proper maintenance, this hair can last up to 1 year.


How should I shampoo the hair?

You should use a mild or low PH shampoo and shampoo the hair in a downward motion to avoid tangling or matting.


Should I use conditioner?

Conditioners can be used, however, hey can clog or leave a film on the hair. We recommend a light liquid leave in conditioner to add body and shine. 


Can the hair be colored?

Absolutely! We recommend taking this to a professional stylist/colorist for color matching.


Does the hair shed?

Our wefts are reinforced to minimize shedding. We use a 3 head sewing machine and to guarantee the hairs to stay on the weft.


How should I sleep in the hair?

We recommend that you wrap the hair with a silk scarf for sleek styles. To keep the wavy/curly pattern you should braid the hair. Never sleep with wet hair.


What is your refund policy?